Digital Art

– Consept art

– 2D & 3D Game art

– 3D Renderings

– Animations



A search and rescue vehicle looking a bit like a helicopter v 2.0, a surveillance drone which shapes was inspired by a diving falcon and finally a “space lorry”.

To use familiar objects as a influence can give a design some familiar characteristics, adding some “story telling”. Concept art made in Photoshop (with a simple 3D base).

3D modelling, texturing and rendering of a sci fi base and space ship.

As a industrial designer, I have to say vehicles are fun to draw. As a motorcyclist my self I do enjoy drawing these, but I do also threw in a few car sketches and other types of transportation every now and then. These are mostly done by hand in Photoshop, but I’ve also modelled and rendered a version fo the bike.

Some landscape art made in Photoshop.

I do make assets for games. These examples are modelled, textured and animated by me, and then put into Unity 3D (With the exception of the orc and the soldier who were rendered in Cinema 4D and Substance Painter).

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My Instagram “sketchbook” where I post a lot of sketches. Feel free to visit and follow!

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Software I use

Adobe Creative Cloud:

–    Photoshop CC – Expert level
–    InDesign CC – Expert level
–    Illustrator CC – High level

–    Premiere Pro and After Effects CC – Intermediate level

Cinema 4D – Expert level
Solid Works – High level
3D studio max – Basic level


3D Modelling, digital – Expert level
3D Modelling, clay, foam and so on – Intermediate level
Wood and metalworking – Intermediate level
Illustration/sketching – High level

About me

I’m an industrial designer, living in Sundsvall in the middle of Sweden. Apart from product design I also do illustrations, concept art, work on computer games and so on. It all kind of belong in the same realm – creativity, the liking of making things.

I’m born in 1974 and as a little boy I found joy in playing with lego, building soap box cars and ”tweaking” my bicycle, adding things like seatbelts (which only made riding the bike mush more dangerous…). This stayed with me as I grew older and here I am, a self employed (industrial)designer/artist/inventor…

Copyright Niklas Öhrberg